Words from Principle


“ How could there be so many different symptoms in one centre by itself? ”

“ Have there been sufficient & effective Educational Approaches in helping these Special Need Children? ”

These are the thoughts & struggles that strike me when being approach to join the centre as the Principal.  I was trained to believe that Montessori Approach was designed to work with the Special Need children but had only practiced on the normal children during the past 14 years.  Lacking the experience in dealing with Special Need children, I am extremely uncertain about the application of my knowledge in helping SO MANY DIFFERENT symptoms.

The need to have a Principal for the school has pestered a reluctant soul into coming to work.  By God’s grace, I took up the challenge and two years by now, thank God, we are picking up more & more each day to be certain of how & what could be accomplished for the children under our care.

The journey is long & windy, however,  quoting the philosophy of Seri Mengasih Centre, Kota Kinabalu  “….where there is love,  there is hope;  where there is integrity, there is dignity.”  With that, and with the many teachers who have or had dedicated their precious time, love & concern to the centre, I continue to be in the team to run this journey!!



– Cecilia Khoo Yin Huen


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